At the Yahng Discovery Center (YDC), one of our purposes is to support STEM-H outreach to the local community and K-12 schools within the counties of Southeastern Kentucky.  To this end, we have created the YDC Teaching Associate opportunity for students who are in a STEM course or an Education Studies major and are interested in engaging students in cool STEM activities.  Associates will have the opportunity to teach our STEM-H curriculum in the Center and engage local students and teachers. We believe this would be a great opportunity for students who are pursuing an education in STEM or who aspire to be an educator at any level.


  • Current enrollment in a STEM course or participation in an Education Studies major
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Interest in learning how to teach STEM-H topics in a hands-on environment


  1. Fill out an application at the link below.
  2. Complete (or submit evidence of) a background check.
  3. Schedule training with YDC staff.
  4. Co-teach with YDC staff until you’re ready to work alone.

Training Process:

  1. Watch associated planetarium shows.
  2. Read curriculum documents and teacher materials.
  3. Complete activities as a participant.
  4. Co-teach with YDC staff.

Apply today!